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Brea Solans & Asociados has a Compliance Division formed by a team of specialized professionals.

The scope of our services comprises:

  • Processes, procedures, controls and risks.
  • Assurance of the regulatory compliance.
  • Corporate fraud and anti-corruption and anti-bribery measures, through:
  • · Supervision of the fulfillment of the Code of Ethics/Conduct.
  • · Supervision of the internal and external whistle-blowing line.

Even though the Compliance Division is a function perfectly established in USA and Europe, particularly through the most regulated sectors such as Bank and Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, involving industries such as Laboratories and Technology, it is gaining importance in Latin America.

Thus, we offer a comprehensive advice on this matter through our developed segments, contributing to better risk management, more crime and penalty prevention, and improvements in the company’s reputation, among the most significant benefits that worth mentioning.

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