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Verification of the fulfillment of the Code of Ethics/Conduct:

Although the difference between the Code of Ethics and the Code of Conduct is not clear, there are many Companies that integrate them in a unique document, we believe that the Code of Conduct derives from the Code of Ethics. Both of them must be fulfilled by all the members of the company, who have the obligation of knowing it and complying with it, and also of helping in its proper implementation, as it is within the Compliance Program.

Through our Compliance office, we offer the service of periodical revision in order to assure that not only changes and updates of regulations are taken into account, but also the best market practices.

Supervision of internal and/or external whistle-blowing lines:

After many fraud scandals and as a consequence of several regulatory aspects (Sarbanes-Oxley Law), many companies are developing and applying new tools for its prevention and detection.

One of them is the implementation of "whistle-blowing lines", that is to say, an anonymous system to report internal complaints (employees) and external complaints (suppliers, clients, etc.) that allows informing suspicion of violations or violations of the Code of Ethics or fraud within the company.

One of the main aspects for its success is the correct communication and the follow up of the reported complaints; consequently through our Compliance office we offer a diagnosis service of compliance and a plan of practical improvements which shall allow achieving the objective in a more efficient way.

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